Making the best crystals in the world is their passion.

For over 125 years, Swarovski has continually grown to become the world leader for sparkling crystal creations. Swarovski is the Title Sponsor for the Dance Vision Circuit.

The Fordney Foundation

Non-Profit Foundation, providing grants to young people with the gift of dancesport

The Fordney Foundation is a nonprofit foundation for dance sport that was established in May, 2002. It was created because it adds many positive dimensions to children’s lives. It gets them to eat right, exercise, work out, and look good. It helps them develop rhythm, appreciate music, and increase their physical strength. It helps them become equal partners in performance thereby enhancing social development.

Dee Berkley

Founder Dee Berkley’s love-affair with creating goes all the way back to when she was seven years old and would remove the spiral plastic binders from her siblings’ notebooks, cut the rings apart, color them with crayons, and sell them as rings. A true creative with an innate knack for knowing which designs people are drawn to, Dee continued on to build an impressive career in the jewelry industry until she launched her own personal line in 2003 after her daughter Maddie was born. Since its launch, Dee Berkley Jewelry has grown from a living-room-run business to a wave-making, head-turning line of hand-crafted gemstone designs and creative fine-jewelry collections. When she’s not dreaming up designs or collaborating on new pieces, you can find Dee watching her daughter ballroom dance (or taking to the dance floor herself), spending time with her amazing husband and her wild (and endlessly supportive) extended family, or soaking up fresh air with friends.

For sponsorship opportunities at the Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships, please email competition organizer Wayne Eng.

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