“Why Choose the Emerald Ball?”

  • Over 40 Judges, with a minimum of 11 judges for Championships & Scholarship events and a minimum of 5 judges for single dances.
  • No split floors for all Pro/Am Smooth & Ballroom events
  • Single dances receive vouchers towards next year’s Emerald Ball
  • All Multi-Dance finalists are photographed on stage
  • No food or packages are required
  • Full age ranges for all Scholarship events: A (18-35), B (36-50), C (51+) S1 (61+), S2 (71+) and S3 (76+)
  • All participants will receive gifts & goodies throughout the week
  • A spacious ballroom with beautiful decor
  • New for 2020: Admission tickets are included with entries for Pro/Am Competitors
  • New for 2020: Global “Men In Black” Tour – Expanded Gentlemen’s Scholarships
For the serious competitor, the Emerald Ball is a “must-do” top-flight event to capture your ranking on the national scale.
If you’re new to mega-competitions, the Emerald Ball is the perfect place to learn how to compete on the big floor. Take in our Dance Congress and “up your game” with coaching from the best in the industry.
In your free time, experience the excitement of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Dancing with the Stars and Disneyland – or relax at nearby beaches and bars.
Join us
April 27th – May 3rd, 2020
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