This year’s Dance Beat Dance Off will pitch the winners of the Under 21 Amateur Ballroom and Latin from Emerald Ball and Manhattan Dancesport against each other.  This year’s Dance Off is sponsored by Ballroom Spirit Foundation.

Under 21 Amateur Multidance Entry Form

Where:  The DBDC, a Legendary Celebration, at the Park Plaza Hotel

When:  Saturday, July 25th 2020

Qualification:  Couples must win the 5-Dance Under 21 Amateur Latin Division or the 5-Dance Under 21 Amateur Ballroom at either the Emerald Ball in Los Angeles, California or the Manhattan Dance Championships in Brooklyn, NY. The winning couples of the four events will qualify for the Ballroom Spirit Dance Beat Dance-Off to be held in the Saturday evening session of the DBDC in Boston, MA.  Should the winners decline to participate or if they have already qualified, then the runners-up will be invited.

Format: The 4 couples will initially compete in 2 semifinals, 2 couples in each.  The couples will draw numbers, the couple drawing 1 will compete against the couple drawing 3 and 2 will compete against 4. The 4 couples will dance 1 minute of a pre-selected dance.  (Couple 1 will select the dance for their semifinal and couple 2 will select the dance for theirs. The two couples in each semifinal will then switch partners and dance 45 seconds of a pre-selected dance. (Once again couples 1 and 2 will select the dance). The dance choice for Part 1 will be between ChaCha/Tango; Rumba/Foxtrot; Jive/Quickstep.  The music will be selected to accommodate either dance.  For Part 2, any dance can be selected, but couples should keep in mind that they could be dancing with a partner who won in the opposite style. (Again the couples who drew 1 and 2 will select the dance). Each couple will then present a 1-minute solo dance of their choice to music of their choice.

All couples will be interviewed live during the live-stream immediately before and after dancing. This will assist the audience voting at home to identify their favorites.

Scoring:  The scoring will be by audience and adjudicator vote.  3 adjudicators from the DBDC Panel will be chosen at random by draw.  The audience in the ballroom and the audience watching anywhere in the world on the live-stream will have the option to vote online.  The audience result will count for 2 votes.  (ie. The audience’s winning couple will receive 2 first places.  Each judge’s score counts for 1 vote.  This gives a total of 5 votes.  The couple with the majority of winning votes will be declared the winner of that section).  Both the judges and the audience will vote 3 times, once each for the 3 parts of the competition.  In the “switch partner” section, votes are cast for the individual dancers, the winning dancer’s score will be applied to his/her couple.  The couple that wins the majority of the 3 sections will be declared the overall winner.

The event will be live-streamed FREE at and votes can be cast from anywhere in the world. DSI is the world’s premier dancesport livestreaming service. Only 1 set of votes can be cast from each device. Polling will remain active for 5 minutes following the conclusion of the last dance. The MC will announce when the polls open and close. There will be a direct link to the polling website on the live-stream feed or viewers can login directly. Printed instructions will be distributed for the live audience.

The winning couples from the two semifinals will then compete against each other in the final. The format will be the same as in the semifinals.  The couple that drew the lowest number originally will select the dance for the first and second sections.

The scoring system for the final will be the same as for the semifinals.

Prizes:  Winner:  $2,500.  Runner-Up:  $1,500.  Semifinalists: $500

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