Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships:
Virtual Pre-Recorded Event

Emerald Ball will host a virtual event for those who will not travel, but still wish to participate.

Open to all, dancers will submit prerecorded dances for our world-class panel of adjudicators to score and critique. This allows for participation in the safety of the dancer’s home or studio.

Each event (traditonal | virtual pre-recorded | virtual lives on Zoom) is separate and will be judged on its own. Scholarships and Professional events will be held ONLY in person in Dallas, TX. 

  • Virtual Events Registration Fees

    Adult Events – $75 per student (plus entry fees)
    Kid Events – $50* per student (plus entry fees)

    *(Exception being the Formation Exhibition which is $75 for the formation team)

    In addition to your entry fees, a registration fee will be added to all Virtual events at time of payment. This fee contributes to the expenses of running a virtual event – including, but not limited to: video editing, extra manpower & staff, hosting and more.

Entry Deadline:

March 31st, 2021

Video Submission Deadline:

April 9th, 2021

How It Works

Register Online

Register for the dance competition online!

Online Registration

We accept all major credit cards
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Register via Email, Postal Mail, or Fax


Download the PDF registration forms that you need and fill it out.

For single dances (#3A – 3E), students may only dance in 2 age divisions. For levels:

  • 3A | 3 consecutive levels
  • 3B | 2 consecutive levels
  • 3C | 3 consecutive levels
  • 3D | 3 consecutive levels
  • 3E | 3 consecutive levels


After completing your form(s), email, print or fax them to the Emerald Ball office