During the 2019 Emerald Ball, Jose & Aimee from Dance Teachers’ Academy sat down with a few people competing at the Emerald Ball. Here are the interviews from that week.

While competing at the 30th Anniversary of the Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships, Felipe Telona, Jr sat down with Jose & Aimee of Dance Teachers Academy. Felipe speaks honestly about the challenges of partnership dancing and how to avoid “The Captain Kirk Effect” on the dance floor. They also discuss filming instructional videos for Dance Vision where he and Carolina discuss creating energy.

When asked what’s his favorite dance, he doesn’t have a response because music is what inspires him. While watching the musical act on an episode of Saturday Night Live, Felipe heard a powerful song called “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt. It was this song that inspired him to create an artistic and moving dance number with Carolina Orlovsky.

On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy, we interview Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva, who began their partnership in 2009. They have been finalists in all the major national and world competitions since that time. They are the 2017 Blackpool Dance Festival Champions, 2018 United States/WDC Open to the World Champions just to name a few. These two are extremely popular with audiences and when you experience this interview you will get an idea of how that happens. We are mesmerized by this couple on and off the floor. These two speak of inspiring each other, the audience, and their students. (Some of the dancers they coach are their fellow competitors!) We find the depth of their generosity inspiring as they come to this interview after flying from Japan and being in 6 cities within 10 days and right after they taught at The Dance Congress held at The 30th Anniversary Emerald Ball. But the generosity doesn’t end there as they reveal their love of people, the secrets to their dance success, and the focus of a “No Limitations” mindset that exudes in their every touch as they meet in their dancing. Enjoy!