Emerald Ball Dance Camp

Emerald Ball
Dance Camp

Rhythm | Latin | Ballroom

During the Emerald Ball,
May 2nd - May, 4th, 2024 at Hilton LAX

Our classes are excellent for Pro-Am Competitors, though Pros and Amateurs are also welcome!
*must be proficient in at least the Bronze level

Last day for Dance Camp online ticket sales: April 19th, 2024

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Tentative Schedule

(The order, subject and instructors of classes are subject to change.)

Thursday, May 2nd

Friday, May 3rd

Special Class | Open to all Levels & Styles:

7 Secrets of Great Performers

Victoria Regan will discuss and demonstrate the “7 Secrets” mastered by all great performers; Dancers, Singers, actors on stage and screen. You can too!  Don’t miss this fascinating session!

***This class is separate from the Dance Camp and requires it's own ticket which can be purchased below***:

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It was such a pleasure to watch Victoria Regan’s informative and absolutely delightful lecture titled “The Seven Secrets of Great Performers”. Accessing her extensive knowledge and experience from performing on Broadway, she gives a unique and interesting view on how to create great, authentic and memorable performances. Her “secrets” are incredibly valuable, tangible and wonderfully thought out. She gives a clear road map on a subject that’s not always easy to fully understand or apply…How do you actually create a great performance? What makes a couple capture the hearts of an audience? How can you make your performance memorable and different from everyone else? What makes you stand out? Well…Victoria has the secrets!

Maria Hansen

It was both a challenge and an immense pleasure to be part of Vicki’s lecture. She talked about performance using unusual for us dancers approach on that matter, inspired by the theatre world. We always believed this subject to be extremely important if one wishes to have a complete package on the dance floor. It was challenging but also very fun for us to do it on the spot, getting us to use our instincts and dig deep into our own life experience. Through various exercises and Vicki’s guidance hopefully we were able to demonstrate the impact and change which can be achieved using these principles. We strongly believe that implementing these principles into everyday practice will improve your performance whether you are a beginner or a top level professional. 

Klemen Prasnikar & Sasha Averkieva

Saturday, May 4th

Special Class | Open to all Levels & Styles:

Taking Technique from Boring to Brilliant

Lori Woods-Gay & Babette Brown will Take your Technique from Boring to Brilliant - Developing your dancing from Bronze to Gold and Above. How to make complicated things simple not Simple Things Complicated!
This Workshop will be valuable For:

  • Teachers to develop their teaching skills
  • Students to develop their dancing through better understanding of Principles
  • Teachers wanting to do Professional exams

***This class is separate from the Dance Camp and requires it's own ticket which can be purchased below***:

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Subject to change.

Rhythm Instructors

Corky Ballas

Sveta Daly

Elena Grinenko

Diana McDonald

Carolina Orlovsky

Andre & Natalie Paramonov

Latin Instructors

Troels Bager
& Ina Jeliazkova

Riccardo Cocchi

Melissa Dexter

Nadia Eftedal

Joanna Leunis

Richard Porter

Ballroom Instructors

Katusha Demidova

Anastaska Muravyeva

Heather Smith

Katusha Spasitel

Victor Veyrasset

Glenn Weiss