Remember to take care of your most important dance essential: Yourself.

Check out what the Emerald Ball has in store for your overall wellness this year.

Zen Room

A quiet space will be available for all attendees to let it all go. Offering dim lighting, meditation pillows, yoga mats, balance balls, foam rollers, soothing sounds & aroma therapy.

Reiki Sessions

Book your energy work sessions with Heidi Anderson, who has over 20+ years of holistic healing experience.
(Contact directly for appointment during the week of the Emerald Ball)
Heidi Anderson
(702) 785 – 4609

Meditation Class

Wednesday – Saturday @ 9am | $15 class fee
part of the United States Dance Congress

Sign Up Online
Classes hosted by Agnes Kazmierczak, where she will take you on an inward journey where you will experience deep tranquil relaxation & rejuvenation of your mind & body. This is a lying down experience where the frequencies of the sound of different instruments will put you into a deeply meditative state to promote overall wellbeing.
Here are some of the benefits you might experience from the sound meditation :
  • Deep relaxation and clarity
  • Release of toxins from the cells of your body
  • An enhanced sense of wellness
  • Improved energy and performance
  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Deep inner peace
  • Release of blocked emotions
  • Feeling more centered and balanced
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