Emerald Ball Dance Camp is Back

Emerald Ball Dance Camp is Back

While camps might not be the reason you choose our competition, we hope they provide a fun activity to do in your off-time. As one of the largest competitions in the USA, we are fortunate enough to provide you access to over 30 of the finest names in ballroom.

The Emerald Ball Dance Camp will make its grand return May 4th, 5th & 6th, during the week of Emerald Ball. It will cover Rhythm, Latin, and Ballroom styles, Theatre Arts / Show Dance, and Business. Smooth workshops will take place at the World Smooth Summit following the competition.

You can find the full list of instructors, schedule, and how to purchase tickets here. Not all information is up yet, but will be nearer to the competition! 

Rhythm: Sveta Daly, Elena Grinenko, Inna Ivanenko, Nazar Norov, Carolina Orlovsky, Andre & Natalie Paramonov 

Latin: Corky Ballas, Riccardo Cocchi, Melissa Dexter, Nadia Eftedal, Anna Kovalova, Joanna Leunis, Diana McDonald, Richard Porter

Ballroom: Katusha Demidova, Anastaska Muravyeva, Heather Smith, Katusha Spasitel, Victor Veyrasset, Glenn Weiss

Theatre Arts / Show Dance: Marianne Nicole DePalma, Victoria Regan, Taliat Tarsinov

Business: Babette Brown, John DePalma, David Elkin, Wayne Eng, Esther Frances, Albina Habrle, Michael Reeves

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