See what we have planned for 2019

The 2019 Emerald Ball is Better than Ever! Check out what’s new:

Added Ages for Seniors | All Pro/Am Scholarships have expanded the age category for seniors! S1 (61+), S2 (71+) & S3 (76+)

Dance Vision Circuit Finale | Will you walk away with some cash?

Dance Vision Circuit Concierge | Speaking of the Dance Vision Circuit – check out the VIP service offered, to help you before, during and after your dancing!

DOUBLE POINTS for Global | Dancers at the 2019 Emerald Ball will be earning DOUBLE POINTS for the Global Dancesport Series!

Door Prizes | The first 300 guests at each evening session will receive a special door prize!

Friday & Saturday Night VIP | Friday & Saturday evening Front Row Table spectators will be treated to VIP Service, with complimentary refreshments, including champagne, cocktail platters and snacks, courtesy of organizers Wayne & Donna Eng.

United States Dance Congress, presented by the Heritage Dance Foundation | Like Dance Camp but BIGGER and BETTER than before.

Destination tours | Malibu Wine & TMZ Tours!

Parties, Cocktails & More | Each evening, you’ll have multiple parties to choose from! Every evening, there’ll be cocktail hour in the lobby, parties put on by your favorite Dancesport vendors and our huge Saturday evening bash honoring all judges, professionals, and the winners from both the California Gold Rush Dancesport Series & the Dance Vision Circuit Series Finales!

And, as always…No Split Floors and a minimum of 11 Judges on the panel | (They’ll even stay throughout the whole set of rounds!)

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