2022 Highlights

Monday Night Fever

Some have called it, “the best night of the entire competition.” Our notable Night Club Night kicks off our competition and takes place right in the lobby of the Hilton LAX.

World Smooth Summit

Attend workshops, rounds, private lessons, and more, at the inaugural World Smooth Summit. The 3-day event will take place at the Hilton LAX, following the Emerald Ball. 

International Latin Dance Camp

DS Dance Camps, organized by Justinas Duknauskas and Karina Smirnoff, presents a learning intensive on the Beauty of Quality versus Power of Performance.  The camp will take place at the Hilton LAX, following the Emerald Ball.

Emerald Ball Invititational Showdance Event

Sponsored by Jake Mazhar, the country’s finest theatrical couples have been asked to participate in Emerald Ball’s first ever Invitational Professional Theatrical Showdance Championships.

Ballroom Spirit
Latin Youth Tour

The Emerald Ball is qualifier for the all-new Latin Youth Tour. The winners of this U21 Latin event will compete at the tour finale, DBDC, for their chance at $5,000. 

The Men in Black is Back!

Emerald Ball is the tour opener for this circuit, designed to bring gentlemen amateurs together in one place. 

Home of the
Dance Vision Circuit
& California Gold Rush
Series Finales

Circuit winners are awarded during the Friday & Saturday evenings at the Emerald Ball.