Heat 685
Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 11:59am

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Evgeny Malko [283] with Michiko Cantor L-C
2 Alexander Novikov [221] with Jan Vasquez L-C
3 Peter Perzhu [212] with Audria Hill-Mitchell L-C
4 Sergey Barsukov [298] with Debra Sutton L-C
5 Gunnar Sverrisson [163] with Nancy Balin L-C
6 Nigel Clarke [103] with Emily Dempster L-C
QUARTERFINAL Esteban Cardenas [102] with Cathy Burzik L-C
QUARTERFINAL Justin Guilmette [355] with Vicki Mackarvich L-C
QUARTERFINAL Kevin Nolan [664] with Anna Oblakova G-C
QUARTERFINAL Mark Thomas [339] with Lynn Magnesen L-C
QUARTERFINAL Mike Cowlishaw [687] with Selena Johnson G-C
QUARTERFINAL Morten Jensen [307] with Karen Jones L-C
QUARTERFINAL Rabih Timani [343] with Corliss Nettles L-C
QUARTERFINAL Steve Myers [639] with Melaina Larson G-C
QUARTERFINAL Steven Mason [533] with Anna Harwood G-C
QUARTERFINAL Tyler Appian [238] with Jane Stoinoff L-C
QUARTERFINAL Vukosavljevic Aleksandar [352] with Lois Fein L-C
QUARTERFINAL Youriy Pavlov [150] with Doreen Marchack L-C
ROUND 1 Alexander Sinelnikov [118] with Sharon Seffens L-C
ROUND 1 Bill Spitz [637] with Katie May Lee G-C
ROUND 1 Christopher Roth [399] with Becky Stern L-C
ROUND 1 Dave Hannigan [241] with Edith Springer L-C
ROUND 1 James Cauthen [601] with Chelsea Farrah G-C
ROUND 1 Ram Viswanathan [558] with Sarika Hudson G-C
ROUND 1 Wally Pye [674] with Jamie Jean G-C
SEMIFINAL Christopher Sochnacki [358] with Margot Hallman L-C
SEMIFINAL Danny Pugh [120] with Linda Mason L-C
SEMIFINAL David Alvarez [109] with Alison Allan L-C
SEMIFINAL Sergey Malko [350] with Jennifer Farnworth L-C
SEMIFINAL Slava Stefanov [202] with Diana Dean L-C
SEMIFINAL Stefan Dobrev [363] with Toni Tallerino L-C

Heat 686
Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 12:15pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Sergey Barsukov [298] with Shelia Davis L-B
2 Lance Smith [624] with Tone Jacobsen G-B
3 Serhiy Komar [312] with Gail Halim L-B
4 Luis Dettling [211] with Dianne Dale L-B
5 Peter Perzhu [212] with Catherine Zambos L-B
6 Slawek Sochacki [148] with Nancy McKenzie L-B
7 Mikolay Czarnecki [204] with Charlene Proctor L-B
8 Vartan Zakhariants [228] with Alina Kaufman L-B
SEMIFINAL Bill Spitz [637] with Katie May Lee G-B
SEMIFINAL Daniel Vasco [117] with Suanne Summers L-B
SEMIFINAL Dave Burt [757] with Ania Tarnowska G-B
SEMIFINAL Jaime Calitto [582] with Bonnie Marie Bayard G-B
SEMIFINAL Justin Guilmette [355] with Stacey Spinosa L-B
SEMIFINAL Mikal Watkins [106] with Tomomi Watson L-B
SEMIFINAL Slava Stefanov [202] with Susan Haynes L-B

Heat 687
Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 12:22pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Chris Germain [205] with Brianna Yadgir L-A
2 Kris Suakjian [134] with Christina Diaz L-A
3 Slawek Sochacki [148] with Natalie Rezai L-A
4 Mayo Alanen [179] with Madison Stribling L-A
5 Sergey Barsukov [298] with Shelia Davis L-A
6 Yavor Genev [169] with Ashley Kuhihiro L-A
7 Adrian Dydynski [332] with Ran Wei L-A
SEMIFINAL Dave Hannigan [241] with Marcia Misiorski L-A
SEMIFINAL Denis Dale [692] with Carolyn Dominguez G-A
SEMIFINAL Jonathan Atkinson [337] with Tamuria Thompson L-A
SEMIFINAL Kyle Spinder [334] with Ruiyi Tang L-A
SEMIFINAL Mariusz Zakrzewski [226] with Angela Volarevic L-A
SEMIFINAL Nigel Clarke [103] with Ingrid Tseng L-A