Heat 203
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 10:10pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Michael Neil [104] with Wendy Anderson L-C
2 David Medeiros [403] with Julie Stadler L-C
3 Rostislav Liduch [181] with Kim Nichols L-C
4 Alexander Novikov [221] with Jan Vasquez L-C
5 Marcus Johnson [126] with Lynne Bridges L-C
6 Peter Edwards [275] with Evelyn Kheo L-C
7 Daniel Vasco [117] with Colleen Ryan L-C
QUARTERFINAL Allen Brown [508] with Yuki Haraguchi G-C
QUARTERFINAL Angelo Verazzano [321] with Lynda Zadra L-C
QUARTERFINAL Dale Dewoskin [643] with Jade Ruiz G-C
QUARTERFINAL Erik Cougar [711] with Erin Drake G-C
QUARTERFINAL Esteban Cardenas [102] with Cathy Burzik L-C
QUARTERFINAL Kent Doughty [578] with Lorin Jimenez G-C
QUARTERFINAL Mark Eberle [555] with Anna Harwood G-C
QUARTERFINAL Patrick Stuckwish [375] with Toni Bergmark L-C
QUARTERFINAL Philip Gott [114] with Rebecca Grossbach L-C
QUARTERFINAL Sergio Besson [278] with Mona Fahmy L-C
QUARTERFINAL Slava Stefanov [202] with Diana Sheridan L-C
SEMIFINAL Adam Katona [356] with Felicia Porges L-C
SEMIFINAL Daniel Lee Tran [372] with Shirley Lien L-C
SEMIFINAL David Alvarez [109] with Natalia Howe L-C
SEMIFINAL Gherman Mustuc [130] with Debra Hoag L-C
SEMIFINAL Mayo Alanen [179] with Marge Kirby L-C
SEMIFINAL Peter Polak [301] with Peggy Friend L-C
SEMIFINAL Tim Pennenge [351] with Lynn Hayes L-C

Heat 204
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 10:22pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Daniel Lee Tran [372] with Erin Hall L-B
2 Dmitriy Volodko [309] with Angela Fuller L-B
3 Sergh Aliev [374] with Suzanne Niedland L-B
4 Vukosavljevic Aleksandar [352] with Stephanie Salas L-B
5 Daniel Vasco [117] with Becky Qing L-B
6 Jason Daly [132] with True Mcmahan L-B
QUARTERFINAL Aaron Talbert [282] with Maria Sannella L-B
QUARTERFINAL Elias Ladas [331] with Coco Shelburne L-B
QUARTERFINAL Jeremy Pilling [159] with Jennifer Scicluna L-B
QUARTERFINAL Marius Popa [138] with Sandra Gomez L-B
QUARTERFINAL Michael Neil [104] with Desiree Verska L-B
QUARTERFINAL Ray Gomez [634] with Erin Drake G-B
QUARTERFINAL Toby Munroe [279] with Grace Holub L-B
SEMIFINAL David Alvarez [109] with Diane Meehan L-B
SEMIFINAL Edwin Torres [198] with Monty Balaban L-B
SEMIFINAL Gherman Mustuc [130] with Debra Hoag L-B
SEMIFINAL Louis Bar [341] with Lauren LaPointe L-B
SEMIFINAL Lupe Martinez [227] with Tania Molina L-B
SEMIFINAL Peter Edwards [275] with Glynn Selesnic L-B

Heat 205
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 10:27pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Kyle Spinder [334] with Ruiyi Tang L-A
1 Terry Cobb [638] with Ann Cobb AC-C
2 Louis Bar [341] with Arianna Davidson L-A
3 David Alvarez [109] with Andria Kahmann L-A
4 Sergio Besson [278] with Charlene Azema L-A
5 Toby Munroe [279] with Grace Holub L-A