Heat 1188
Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 3:55pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Delyan Terziev [142] with Tina Broccole L-A3
2 Vukosavljevic Aleksandar [352] with Marina Svyatets L-A3
3 Andrei Gavriline [129] with Lorraine Peoples L-A3
4 Rostislav Liduch [181] with Valeria Kenefick L-A3
5 Roland Michtchenko [209] with Hilda Li L-A3
6 Emanuel P Antoine [258] with Carrie Steinmetz L-A3
7 Stephane Champagne [316] with Faye Diamantoudi L-A3
8 Hayk Balasanyan [296] with Irene Wong L-A3
SEMIFINAL Alexander Andreev [203] with Michelle Kimura L-A3
SEMIFINAL Andrei Kazlouski [328] with Rain Chang L-A3
SEMIFINAL Denis Podolskiy [223] with Jennifer Chan L-A3
SEMIFINAL Frederic Havez [384] with Victoria Draper L-A3
SEMIFINAL Jakub Zeglen [249] with Anna Han L-A3
SEMIFINAL Misha Konstantynov [263] with Tracy Hannon L-A3
SEMIFINAL Tony Santana [264] with Brina Lewin L-A3