Heat 1063
Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 8:35am

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Marcus Johnson [126] with Teryl Anderson L-B1
2 Peter Polak [301] with Judy Pedersen L-B1
3 Igor Ustymovych [216] with Nancy Harris L-B1
4 Simeon Stoynov [135] with Claudia Robbs L-B1
5 Stephen McCann [396] with Mary Shaw L-B1
6 Chris Johnston [125] with Arlene Bender L-B1
7 Felipe Telona Jr [154] with Anne Schauerman L-B1
8 David Alvarez [109] with Diane Meehan L-B1
SEMIFINAL Adam Katona [356] with Felicia Porges L-B1
SEMIFINAL Alexander Sinelnikov [118] with Claudine Saint James L-B1
SEMIFINAL Brian Coyne [111] with Patty Pang L-B1
SEMIFINAL Caleb Aleman [340] with Lynn Magnesen L-B1
SEMIFINAL Gifford Gavieres [206] with Veena Roesler L-B1
SEMIFINAL Krasi Petkov [208] with Kathy Pulgencio L-B1
SEMIFINAL Mark Baker [133] with Debbie Wright L-B1
SEMIFINAL Sergey Nekrasov [173] with Sue Ambler L-B1