Heat 946
Friday, May 2, 2014 at 5:18pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Giampiero Giannico [143] with Beatrice Wang L-B2
2 Victor Veyrasset [119] with Dagmar Richter L-B2
3 Joel Marasigan [178] with Margaret Loo L-B2
4 Tadas Jonyla [177] with Jan Duffy L-B2
5 Igor Colac [271] with Cathy Chao L-B2
6 Valdas Padriezas [115] with Carolyn Hays L-B2
SEMIFINAL Alexander Novikov [221] with Kathy Boyle L-B2
SEMIFINAL Alexandr Cherdantsev [371] with Barbara Ng L-B2
SEMIFINAL Anton Koukareko [213] with Lilia Abellanosa L-B2
SEMIFINAL Leonid Burlo [252] with Ibis Wu L-B2