Heat 951
Friday, May 2, 2014 at 5:25pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Erminio Stefano [145] with Celia Chou L-A3
2 Giampiero Giannico [143] with Bo Chang L-A3
3 Alain Doucet [188] with Beverly Moore L-A3
4 Martin Reinbold [302] with Brynda Insley L-A3
5 Mikhail Avdeev [192] with Michelle Peng L-A3
6 Denis Kutepov [310] with Julie Zhao L-A3
7 Serghei Pogonet [308] with Carole Simmons L-A3
8 Egor Abashkin [215] with Eva Fong L-A3
SEMIFINAL Alexandr Cherdantsev [371] with Yasuko France L-A3
SEMIFINAL Artem Plakhotnyi [200] with Elka Hristova L-A3
SEMIFINAL Edgars Gasjuns [291] with Ling Ma L-A3
SEMIFINAL Gunnar Sverrisson [163] with Suki Kramer L-A3
SEMIFINAL Jason Kaye [405] with Renata Kotyzova L-A3
SEMIFINAL Michal Towliszew [196] with Michelle Lee L-A3
SEMIFINAL Oleg Rokshin [338] with Julia Oleinik L-A3