Heat 540
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 9:10pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Tibor Kerekes [146] with Kush Smith L-B1
2 David Medeiros [403] with Julie Stadler L-B1
3 David Alvarez [109] with Diane Meehan L-B1
4 Ron Okubo [161] with Ginger Schwartz L-B1
5 Miles Ogata [166] with Kelly Akol L-B1
6 Adam Katona [356] with Felicia Porges L-B1
7 Peter Polak [301] with Donna Hansen L-B1
SEMIFINAL Angelo Verazzano [321] with Lynda Zadra L-B1
SEMIFINAL Jonathan Seals [265] with Jan Jones L-B1
SEMIFINAL Justin Guilmette [355] with Renee Beaman L-B1
SEMIFINAL Marius Popa [138] with Sandra Gomez L-B1
SEMIFINAL Patrick Stuckwish [375] with Toni Bergmark L-B1
SEMIFINAL Peter Edwards [275] with Evelyn Kheo L-B1
SEMIFINAL Rostislav Liduch [181] with Kim Nichols L-B1
SEMIFINAL Sean Brunell [230] with Sandy Hotchkiss L-B1
SEMIFINAL Tim Pennenge [351] with Lynn Hayes L-B1