Heat 539
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 8:59pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Vitalii Proskurin [285] with Jeannette Hawes L-A3
2 Dmitriy Volodko [309] with Angela Fuller L-A3
3 Sergh Aliev [374] with Suzanne Niedland L-A3
4 Tibor Kerekes [146] with Meena Kaushal L-A3
5 Miles Ogata [166] with Kelly Akol L-A3
6 Jeremy Pilling [159] with Jennifer Scicluna L-A3
7 Angelo Verazzano [321] with Lynda Zadra L-A3
SEMIFINAL Joe Erickson [317] with Joanne Baerg L-A3
SEMIFINAL Jonathan Seals [265] with Soo Kim L-A3
SEMIFINAL Louis Bar [341] with Lauren LaPointe L-A3
SEMIFINAL Patrick Stuckwish [375] with Toni Bergmark L-A3
SEMIFINAL Rumen Atanasov [255] with Hildy Wynn L-A3
SEMIFINAL Serhiy Komar [312] with Gail Halim L-A3
SEMIFINAL Toby Munroe [279] with Grace Holub L-A3
SEMIFINAL Vukosavljevic Aleksandar [352] with Stephanie Salas L-A3