Heat 611
Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 8:17am

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Mikolay Czarnecki [204] with Charlene Proctor L-B1
2 Sergey Barsukov [298] with Debra Sutton L-B1
3 Gunnar Sverrisson [163] with Nancy Balin L-B1
4 Peter Perzhu [212] with Audria Hill-Mitchell L-B1
5 Leonid Proskurov [167] with Careen Friedland L-B1
6 Mark Thomas [339] with Lynn Magnesen L-B1
7 Justin Guilmette [355] with Stacey Spinosa L-B1
SEMIFINAL Alexander Novikov [221] with Victoria Tallackson L-B1
SEMIFINAL Christopher Roth [399] with Becky Stern L-B1
SEMIFINAL Esteban Cardenas [102] with Cathy Burzik L-B1
SEMIFINAL Morten Jensen [307] with Karen Jones L-B1
SEMIFINAL Robert Porch [365] with Geri Chaudhri L-B1
SEMIFINAL Willy Arroyo [277] with Lorene Cangiano L-B1