Dancing In The Dark Coming To The Emerald Ball

The Emerald Ball
Apr 27, 2007
An extraordinary dance team will hit the dance floor at the famed Emerald Ball Dancesport Championship held at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton Thursday evening May 3rd.

These dancers bring a fiery Latin dance routine while facing a unique challenge ? they have never seen their dance instructor!!

Salomon Rivera, legend of the Salsa dance world, four time World Salsa Champion and founder of Latinhips.com has taught all around the globe and is currently volunteering his time and talent to teach at the Braille Institute in Anaheim, Ca.

Interest in the sport and competition of dancing has spiked as a result of the smash hit show ?Dancing With The Stars? and the challenge of those with a physical ?disability? is underscored by the focus on Heather Mills and her prosthetic leg. These brave souls at the Braille Institute are no less worthy of our applause as they bring new meaning to the charge ?Dance as if no one is watching?.? They prove that the immense popularity and enjoyment of dancing can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone.

For more information please contact:

Salomon Rivera at www.Latinhips.com or 714-713-8204
Wayne Eng at www.emeraldball.com 702-256-3830
Donna Wager at www.brailleinstitute.org 714-821-5000