2006 Emerald Ball A Huge Success!

The Emerald Ball
May 09, 2006
The Organizers of the 2006 Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships would like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in this year?s record-breaking event and to congratulate our Top Students, Teachers and Studios.

See you in 2007!

Wayne & Donna Eng

Top American Style Students

Newcomer Lady: Nancy Cokinda [Delgado Dance Studio]
Newcomer Gentleman: Dima Ivahno [Promenade Dance Studio]
Bronze Lady: Susan Tringas [FADS - Ft. Walton Beach]
Bronze Gentleman: Robert Siegel [FADS - Ft. Walton Beach]
Silver Lady: Mary Coombs [Illuminations Dancesport]
Silver Gentleman: Lawrence Mitchell [American Ballroom Center]
Gold Lady: Josie Lee [Championship Dancesport]
Gold Gentleman: Richard Newhouse [Aimeezing Dancezing]

Top International Style Students:

Newcomer Lady: Mary Coombs [Illuminations Dancesport]
Newcomer Gentleman: Van Duong [Regency Ballroom]
Bronze Lady: Mary Coombs [Illuminations Dancesport]
Bronze Gentleman: Richard Weinberg [Chicago Dance ]
Silver Lady: Ramona Mitchell [American Ballroom Center]
Silver Gentleman: Lawrence Mitchell [American Ballroom Center]
Gold Lady: Gerry Young [Nova Dance]
Gold Gentleman: Ilan Basch [Bedford Hills Dance Studio]

Top Solo Exhibition Awards

Top Bronze Solo
Susan Tringas - FADS - Ft. Walton Beach

Top Silver Solo
Bob McNaught - The Dance Connection

Top Teachers - $20,000 Cash Purse
1ST $7,000 Tony Delgado [Delgado Dance Studio]
2ND $5,000 Blake Kish [Arrowhead Ballroom]
3RD $3,000 Kris Suakjian [Promenade Dance Studio]
4TH $2,500 Jim Maranto [Academy of Ballroom Dance]
5TH $1,500 Forrest Vance [Championship Dancesport]
6TH $1000 Alex Matar [Champion Ballroom]

Top Studios

1st: Promenade Dance Studio, Irvine, CA
2nd: Delgado Dance Studio, Las Vegas, NV
3rd: Arrowhead Ballroom, Glendale, AZ

DanceSport Series Top 20 Student Awards

Susan Miller [FADS - Brookfield]
Robert Siegel [FADS - Ft. Walton Beach]
Sandy Sanders [Championship Dancesport]
Darla Davies [Academy of Ballroom Dance]
Nancy Cokinda [Delgado Dance Studio]
Judith Biggs [Caruso Dance Sport]
Josephine Bond [Sirdancealots]
Melissa Anderson [Promenade Dance Studio]
Denise Prado [FADS - Arrowhead Ballroom]
Marilyn Helleberg [American Ballroom Center - B. Ermis]
Lydia Raurell [Caruso Dance Sport]
Taeko Hattori [Championship Dancesport]
Martha Lopez [El Paso Ballroom Dance Academy]
Susan Tringas [FADS - Ft. Walton Beach]
Lawrence Mitchell [American Ballroom Center - S. Ermis]
Josie Lee [Championship Dancesport]
Ramona Mitchell [American Ballroom Center - B. Ermis]
Donna Edwards [Champion Ballroom]
Deborah Baronofsky [Champion Ballroom]
Mary Coombs [Illuminations Dancesport]

Get full competition results and competitors score sheets by visiting our website at www.emeraldball.com