UPDATE!! Age Category Changes For The 2006 Emerald Ball

Wayne Eng
Mar 15, 2006
An Update to the recent Age Category Changes.

We have made the following changes to the Pro/Am Unisex Open Scholarship Divisions in American & International Style:
A (16-40) has been changed to A (16-35)
B (41-60) has been changed to B (36-50)
C (61 +) has been changed to C (51 +). The C (51+) category applies to the Open Senior Scholarships only.

In Addition:
Due to strong demand, we are adding the following 3 Dance Championship Events at this year's Emerald Ball,

Age Category C (61+)
Open Senior Smooth 3 Dance W, T, F (Sunday-Session 7)
Open Senior Rhythm 3 Dance CC, SW, Bolero (Saturday-Session 5)
Open Senior Standard 3 Dance W, T, QS (Friday-Session 3)
Open Senior Latin 3 Dance C, S, R (Thursday-Session 1)

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