Pro/Am A2 Standard Scholarship

Didio Barrera
Aug 01, 2005
1. Monica Yoon w/ Victor Veyrasset. I felt Monica was the clear winner today. She has improved a lot. There is still a little stiffness in the back.

2. Susan Neiswander w/ Jim Maranto. Usually a very fluid dancer, Susan looked tight today. Maybe fatigue was setting in.

3. Annie Roy w/ Stuart Cole. A good lady. Could have been higher. I didn't like her Viennese Waltz.

4. Elaine Sheresky w/ Victor Russu. Elaine has definitely improved on this, her weaker style. There is still a problem with tension in the shoulders.

5. Joanna Hong w/ Oleg Suvorov. A good sharp tango. Feet looked a bit heavy in the other dances, but overall I would have placed her higher.

6. Sophia Lo w/ Igor Litvinov. I would like to see Sophia devlop a stronger more consistent top line.

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