Pro/Am A1 Standard Scholarship

Didio Barrera
Aug 01, 2005
1. Dara Campbell w/ Igor Suvorov. Definitely my favorite today, Dara has improved a lot. Head position in tango a bit strange.

2. Chika Goto w/ Igor Litvinov. I thought Chika was having some problems with her topline today, creating an appearance of smallness.

3. Monica Lee w/ Valdas Padriezas. A nice dancer overall, a little inconsistent.

4. Doris Wong w/ Craig Draper. This lady had great feeling. I would have placed her higher.

5. Susan Neiswander w/ Jim Maranto. I was a bit disappointed in Susan's performance here. I have seen her dance much better

6. Lynne Jones w/ Giampiero Giannico. I felt this was a good performance from Lynne and I would have placed her a bit higher.

7. Elaine Liu w/ Garry Foster. I though at times Elaine was a bit too far back, but overall I would have placed her a couples of notches higher.

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