Pro/Am A1 Smooth Scholarship

Didio Barrera
Aug 01, 2005
1. Rachel Thrash w/ Jim Maranto. I really liked this lady. She was soft and pretty, yet had great presence.

2. Elaine Sheresky w/ Victor Russo. Totally confident, a seasoned performer.

3. Leah Turner w/ John Berry. A great lady performer, but in places the work was a little unfinished today.

4. Leslie Peterson w/ Peter Mant. I liked the work, it was very characteristic of the dances, but not quite fully rehearsed.

5. Denise Prado w/ Blacke Kish. What a talented lady! But Denise still needs more experience at this level of competition.

6. Lynn MacKerell w/ Gleb Makarov. Lynn has improved a lot since I saw her at La Classique. Great rhythm and feeling, but needs more isolation.

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