Pro/Am A2 Latin Scholarship

K. Todd
Aug 01, 2005
Starting with a quarterfinal, the A2 division was the most exciting of the Latin scholarships. The final was a very close battle between three ladies with the first, second and thirds placements spread between them.

1. Placing first, with scores of 2,1,2,2,1, was Yuk Chun w/ Andrew Phillips (NY). Yuk gave the lightest and brightest performance of the top three. She was obviously always in contention. I liked her energy, but found her somewhat inconsistent. Nevertheless a well deserved win.

2. In second spot, with placements of 1,3,3,1,2, was Rebecca Wong w/ Paul Green (NY). I thought Rebecca had really improved since I last saw her. Her performance was more energized and she really appeared to be partnering Paul, rather than just following. Keep up the good work.

3. Taking third with scores of 3,2,1,3,3, was Joan Goddard w/ Chris Johnston (MA). I always enjoy Joan?s dancing. The work is unusual and Joan is always consistent from round to round. There was definitely some tightness in Joan?s upper body today, and possibly this affected her placement.

4. Taking fourth was Susan Neiswander w/ Jim Maranto (AZ). Susan is a ood dancer with great legs and feet. She is a little new to this style and has not quite settled in yet. Some of the programs appeared a little under-rehearsed. Once this is remedied she will be a strong force in the Latin divisions.

5. Monica Wong w/ James Jordan from Hong Kong was fifth. Monica always has great appeal on the floor. Today I found her a little hesitant and not really moving strongly from foot to foot all the time. Overall, I felt she could have finished one place higher in the final.

6. Closing the final was Susan Miller w/ Hyak Arshakian (WI). Susan did very well to make this strong final, beating some very impressive ladies in the process. I did not really feel that she challenged for a higher placement, but nevertheless she gave a strong performance.

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