Pro/Am A2 Rhythm Scholarship

Didio Barrera
Aug 01, 2005
This category had only ten couples on the day.

1. Joan Goddard w/ Chris Johnston (1,1,1,1,1). As always I loved the very unusual and creative material, but today seemed a bit tired - maybe she was a victim of her own success!

2. Mary Sue Schwartz w/ John Berry (2T,2,2,2,3). Good power as usual, but not as precise as I've seen her in the past. The cha cha had some major problems today.

3. Lucinda Postern w/ Alfredo Horna (2T,3,3,3,2). Lucinda would have been my winner today. I thought she was by far the best lady on the floor.

4. Melanie Taylor-Merrit w/ John King. The best I've ever seen Melanie dance. I thought she would place in the first three. I'd like to see more energy to rally cement that place.

5. Ann Morsilli w/ Tibor Kerekes. The performance was a little "small" but overall a very promising lady.

6. Susan Miller w/ Hayk Arshakian. Susan looked confident today. I'd like to see more flexibility and isolation.

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