Open Professional Standard

Timothy Mason
Aug 01, 2005
Sunday evening at the Emerald Ball and the Professional Modern is the only one of the events left to be decided.

A listed field of 14 took the floor for a quarter final round, and making the semi-final were Francesco Flumiani and Roberta Sun. I felt they could have been included into tonight?s final, with wonderful centering to one another and Francesco?s awareness of Roberta, offering a lovely sense of timing within this partnership. I would like to see greater release of their weight to help create a more dynamic approach. Also picking up a number of marks towards tonight?s final were Slava and Katya Sergiev.

To the final and while we were not witness to a large starting field, the final six must be congratulated on a terrific performance of quality and professionalism.

Placing 6th this evening were Peter Minkov and Yulia Kornilova of Chicago. They offer a lot of energy and dynamics in their dancing, but in my opinion, at the cost of looking hurried and busy in the manner they approach it. A better sense of timing their body weights together would create more harmony. They were placed 6th in all dances.

Placing 5th were Vitaliy Vdovichenko and Lyudmila Borodulina of Charlotte, NC. I have always liked this couple?s dancing as they have a terrific feel for each dance, the music, and one another. Tonight they seemed a little erratic at times, challenging couples above them, then when I looked again I saw quite a loss of connection with each other. Some attention to Vitaliy?s left arm position could help the look and positioning between them. They were placed 4th in Waltz and Tango, and 5th in Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quickstep.

Placing 4th tonight were Eddie Stutts and Viktoria Belova of Texas. It has been a while since I have observed this couple and what a tremendous improvement I see. Eddie posturally is looking stronger and very focused in his performance. I would like to see greater upper body rotation in Foxtrot as Eddie appears to get stuck a little square, dropping his shoulder weight a bit too far back. They placed 5th in Waltz and Tango, and 4th in Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quickstep.

Placing 3rd this evening were Thomas Atkocevicius and Aira Bubnelyte of California. A lovely usage of weight by this couple and an understanding of how to use it differently to complement and characterize each dance. Their silhouette is very complimentary. I saw this couple finishing 2nd this evening. They placed 3rd in four dances, 2nd in Foxtrot.

Runners up were Igor Litvinov and Julia Ivleva of New Jersey. They put in a strong performance this evening, but I am left a little empty in watching. They offer a powerful action, good usage of weight, balance and shape, but almost mechanical in its approach. I would like to see some emotion/feeling in each dance to offer a more personal dance between one another. They placed 2nd in four dances, 3rd in Foxtrot.

Winners tonight were Victor Fung and Anna Mikhed, placing 1st in all dances with a sound performance. Their interpretation of each dance was very clear with abundant energy in Quickstep, though at times appearing to race around the floor at the expense of loss in touch to one another. I would also like to see a better timed Viennese Waltz natural turn as at times Anna appears to have opened off of Victor.

Again, I would like to congratulate all the finalists for a wonderful display of dancing.

Timothy Mason is a former U.S. Standard Professional Finalist and winner of the Ohio Star Ball. He is the owner of Easidance Ballroom, Tampa, FL

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