Emerald Ball To Host US Open To The World Pro/Am And Amateur Salsa Championships

The Emerald Ball
Jan 26, 2005
The organizers of the Emerald Ball are pleased to announce the addition of the
United States Open to the World Pro/Am and Amateur Salsa Championships.

United States Open Pro/Am Salsa Championship
There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold
There are two age categories: A1 (16-35) and A2 (36 & Over)

United States Open Amateur Salsa Championship
There are two age categories: A1 (16-35) and A2 (36 & Over)

What is Pro/Am?
A professional teacher dancing with an amateur student. The judges will focus primarily on the student.

What is an Amateur?
Neither dancer teaches for a living. The judges will be focusing on both dancers equally.

Finalists are recognized in order of merit and will be awarded a commemorative Finalist Parchment Scroll acknowledging their advancement to the final round of the championships.

The top (3) ranking couples will be awarded official United States Dance Sport Championship Medallions.

The 1st place winners become the official ?United States Dance Sport Champions? in their respective divisions.