Open Pro/Am 'A2' Standard Scholarship

K. Todd
Jul 22, 2004
Reprinted with permission from Dance Beat Magazine.

There was a whopping twenty-four couples entered in this division. The Chairman, Brian Puttock, asked for eighteen to be recalled then a semifinal of twelve. The cut from twelve to six was a very difficult one and in the end seven were recalled. Even with seven there were a couple of ladies I thought unlucky. They were Laura Chen w/ Scott Todd (no relation to me, I promise) from Hong Kong and Sue Gershowitz w/ Alex Rubin (MD).

Once in the final the couples finished in the following order:

1. Monica Yoon w/ Victor Veyraseet (CA). This lady has a big top line but I would like to see more support coming from her feet upwards instead of her arms downwards. Nevertheless, congratulations on a very impressive win.

2. Ruthie Perkins w/ Ben Ermis (TN). Ruthie always offers a challenge, no matter what division. Today I felt she was not energizing her left side, so was tending to collapse a little in Ben's arm. Possibly this was due to fatigue.

3. Lillian Wong w/ Gary Foster (Hong Kong). I liked this lady's dancing a lot. She was very understated but was very "with" her partner at all times.

4. Janet Young w/ Giacomo Agrello (NJ). I felt this was an unlucky result for this lady and I would have had her much higher. I believed her waltz at least to be the best in the final.

5. Susan Nieswander w/ Jim Maranto (AZ). Susan is a very powerful dancer and at times looked among the best in the final. Sometimes her energy causes her to fall out of position wither her partner.

6. Evelyn Chang w/ Valdas Padriezas (CA). This lady had a lovely top line but needs to dance with more power to really move up in this group.

7. Kim Dunleavy w/ Robert Kubis (MI). Possibly a little unlucky, Kim could have finished a place or two higher. I felt her to be a little hard through the legs at present.

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