Open Smooth Pro/Am Senior Scholarship

K. Todd
Jul 22, 2004
Reprinted with permission from Dance Beat Magazine.

1. Kay Ford w/ Robert Kubis. A very successful week for Kay. In this style, Kay always has good shape and movement. Now she is adding more drama. Well done!

2. Jeanie Bernstein w/ Jim Maranto. Jeannie gave a good performance today with nice expression and loads of determination.

3. Gary Kusumi w/Shalene Archer Ermis. Actually, I think I've seen Gary dance better than he did tonight. His top line seemed rather collapsed.

4. Peggy Kobusch w/ Alex Borodko. As with Gary, I think I have seen Peggy dance better. Her normal sharpness was missing.

5. Susan Miller w/ Dana James. Susan danced very well all day. I would like to see her create more power from the standing leg.

6. Lucy Yen w/ Jonathan Atkinson. Danced well, but needs to keep the top line up.

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