Open Latin 'A2" Pro/Am Scholarship

K. Todd
Jul 22, 2004
Reprinted with permission from Dance Beat Magazine.

A better entry than in the 'A1' with 15 couples who were reduced to 10 and then to 6. My six choices were all lucky enough to progress to the final and finished as follows:

1. Pam Butler w/ Jonathan Roberts (CA). Certainly gave the best overall performance today and was the comfortable winner.

2. Anne Shapira w/ Peter Mant (CA). I love this lady's energy and personality. She needs to work on her leg lines

3. Monica Wong w/ Mirko Saccani (Hong Kong). Always gets the first look on the floor, needs to back this up with more foot pressure.

4. Ruthie Perkins w/ Ben Ermis (TN). Not as comfortable in the Latin styles, Ruthie needs more freedom in her upper back.

5. Misako Hayashi w/ Mark Weiss (CA). Much improved and deserving of her final inclusion. Good rumba.

6. Rebecca Kirby w/ John Abrams (WI). Well rehearsed routines, great presentation, just need to be looser.

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