Open Latin Pro/Am Scholarship

K. Todd
Jul 22, 2004
Reprinted with permission from Dance Beat Magazine.

Compared to the Standard, participation in the Latin scholarships was disappointing. Only five couples contested the Open category and they finished in the following order:

1. Ashlenn Ambanta w/ Eddie Ares (GA). Definitely the best today, but does not always fully commit her weight, especially on syncopated actions.

2. Lauren Schelfhaudt w/ Michael Ulbrich (NH). I've always liked this lady, she has great expression but needs more foot pressure.

3. Michelle Hamblin w/ Rick Robinson (UT). Nicely active, but very high in the shoulders.

4. Savannah Poole w/ Isaiah Meders (FL). I like her upper body stillness, but it all needs more energy.

5. Wende Lam w/ Thomas Hicks (CA). Looked a touch unsure today.

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