Open Senior Standard Scholarship

K. Todd
Jul 22, 2004
Reprinted with permission from Dance Beat Magazine.

From an original entry of 18, the following seven were returned to the final. My six choices were all included and it was easy to see why a tie had necessitated a seventh couple.

1. Kay Ford w/ Robert Kubis (MI). A well deserved win today. I would like to see more control through feet when lowering.

2. Agnes Da w/ Larry Shi (CA). Consistent dancing - perhaps a little too consistent as I would like to see more fluidity through the topline.

3. Dorie Chueh w/ Stuart Cole (CA). Moved with energy but tended to fall a little square and end up in front of her partner.

4. Susan Jen w/ Alan Dixon (CA). Lovely soft movement, could have finished higher.

5. Gillan Palmer w/ Gleb Makarov (NJ). A greatly improved performance. Neck line and upper back could be more relaxed.

6. Kuniko Hasegawa w/ Plamen Danailov (NY). Showed good movement, I especially liked the tango.

7. Prudence Montgomery w/ Sasha Bylim (NY). Danced well overall, but needs to keep her center more up to her partner.

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