Emerald Ball To Host The First Ever United States National Amateur Salsa Championships

Wayne Eng
Jan 21, 2004
The organizers of the 15th Annual Emerald Ball are pleased to announce the addition of the United States National Amateur Salsa Championships to the 2004 competition.

This event will be unisex in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels, and the age divisions will be A1 (16-35), and A2 (36 & Above).

Additional Rules
This U.S National Amateur Championship is also open to all Amateur Canadian couples.

This event is restricted to figures that are appropriate to the level entered. We realize since this event is new and that standards have not been set, the Chairman of the Judges will make all final decisions, and may disqualify a couple if he feels they have danced beyond the level entered.

Competitor?s attire is open, but must be in good taste and appropriate for the dance. The Chairman of the Judges will make all final decisions in regards to attire.
You may only dance in one level and age division.

Entry fee is $35 per couple.

Finalists are recognized in order of merit and will be awarded a commemorative Finalist Parchment Scroll, acknowledging their advancement to the final round of the championships.

The top (3) ranking couples will be awarded official United States Dance Sport Championship Medallions.

The 1st place winners become the official ?United States Dance Sport Champions? in their respective divisions.

For more information on these and other events in 2004,contact the organizers at 800-851-2813.