The Reviews Are In - 2003 World Super Stars Are A Huge Hit!

Dance Vision
Dec 17, 2003
As a former professional competitor myself I always enjoy these great shows from Japan. But the 2003 tapes are exceptionally entertaining to watch.

The best dancers in the world are always invited to perform and this year was no exception.

I'm always amazed by the performances of these talented couples when I see them in Blackpool and other world class competitions, but their performances go to an entirely different level when they are not confined to the limitations of a dancesport competition. The showmanship is entertaining, the costumes innovative, the camera work exceptional and of course the dancing superb!

I also asked for some other opinions of these tapes. Lindsey Rutherford, Jonah Schneider and Cramer Grimes are all amateur competitors. Linda McKee and Jim Page are instructors who mainly teach social dancers. I enjoyed hearing the opinions of different types of dancers with unique perspectives. Here's what they had to say:

Lindsey Rutherford & Jonah Schneider: We thought the entire show was great! Each couple was very different in their performance which gave the tapes a lot of diversity. We were both really impressed with Michael Malitowski and Joanne Leunis, but all the couples had a great show.

Cramer Grimes: I thought Slavik and Karina were very entertaining. It was like a story unfolding for every dance. And Joanne and Michael were
awesome and very innovative. There was great music and wonderful shows on both tapes.

Linda McKee: I enjoyed the dancing, particularly because it was filmed all full-body, not just focusing on feet or heads. I want to see the whole picture. But I did feel the bowing was excessive and the average audience would have liked a lot of it eliminated.

Jim Page: I enjoyed the freedom of the choreography and music choices for show versus a competition and I was so impressed with the appreciative Japanese audience; every time the dancers went by they clapped. The contrast between the superb English technique and Italian passion was also interesting to watch.

These Standard and Latin show videos are must have additions to your dance video library!

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