Open Professional Standard

Maja Serve
Jun 27, 2000
This year's 11th annual Emerald Ball offered, in my opinion, wonderful highlights especially in the professional Standard category. I thought that the judging panel selected the right couples for the semifinal and final.

Results were as follows:
1St Jonathan Wilkins & Katusha Demidova: They were showing good confidence. In my opinion they were clear winners. I would like to see Jonathan lower his elbows for Katusha to be more active.

2nd Igor Suvorov & Irina Suvorov: I think they were a clear 2nd. They showed good quality, but not enough body actions.

3rd Rauno Ilo & Kristina Ilo: They showed good choreography. They need to improve posture and poise.

4th Oleg Suvorov & Tatiana Pavlova: They have shown incredible improvement this last year. I would like to see more activity through the center. Their placement was so well deserved.

5th Gary McDonald & Diana McDonald: I think they showed excellent floor craft. They always show good energy. I would like to see an improvement in posture and poise.

6th Sasha Bylim & Olga Bylim: A very well groomed couple. They are always well presented. They need to work on lead and response in order to improve overall quality.

Over all the quality of dancing in this country has improved tremendously. There are just a few little things that would bring it to an even higher level. Just to mention a few; the man needs to lead everything earlier and the ladies should be more active. Congratulations to all competitors and happy dancing!