Pro/Am Scholarships

Keith Todd
Jun 30, 2003

Above photo of Ruthie Perkins with Ben Ermis courtesy of Park West Photography

Article reprinted with permission from Dance Beat Magazine

Open Latin ?A2? Scholarship

1. Pam Butler w/ Jonathan Roberts (CA). I found Pam to be easily the best today, showing great legs and feet.
2. Joan Goddard w/ Chris Johnston (MA). Joan showed great lines and has good ?attitude.? I would like to see her soften through the hips and legs.
3. Genie Landon w/ Paul Richardson (TX). Genie gave a very consistent performance. I feel she could relax her upper body more.
4. Rebecca Kirby w/ John Abrams (WI). Rebecca showed well rehearsed, well presented programs. I especially liked her Paso Doble.
5. Monica Wong w/ Mirko Sicanni (Hong Kong). I thought Monica had improved greatly since I last saw her. She appeared much more sure of herself.
6. Cindi Marquette w/ Martin Cawston (WI). I like the fact that Cindi really goes for it. I found her to be a little tight in the back today.

Open Smooth ?A2? Scholarship

1. Mary Sue Schwartz w/ John Berry (AZ). I really like this lady in the Rhythm division, but she is equally at home in the smooth. I would like to see softer feet and ankles.
2. Pam Butler w/ Jonathan Roberts (CA). I think this is my favorite of the styles for Pam. Today I felt some lines could have been extended and/or rotated more.
3. Elaine Sheresky w/ Victor Russu (NY). As always Elaine danced with freedom and joy. I detected some crumpled shoulder lines today.
4 . Judyth Gutoff w/ David Rosario (NJ). Judyth is a very good dancer, but I often feel you have to look for her on the floor. She needs a bit more volume.
5. Julia Brown w/ Michael Mead (CA). Julia looks very good in closed position but I would like to see a bit more freedom of action in open positions.
6. Donna Boyd w/ Mazen Hamza (DE). Donna has improved a lot in this style. I would like to see her top lines larger and more shaped in places.
7. Beverly Marsh w/ John Moldthan (FL). Beverly always shows great expression. I feel she could relax her shoulders and let them rotate more freely.

Open Rhythm ?A2? Scholarship

1. Ruthie Perkins w/ Ben Ermis (TN). We?re more used to seeing Ruthie excelling in Smooth, but tonight she really ?got down? in the Rhythm. As always she looked very confident and elegant.
2. Mary Sue Schwartz w/ John Berry (AZ). Mary Sue was so precise and perfect, never out of place. She would have been my winner today.
3. Sandi MacCarron w/ Michael Neil (FL). Sandi always has strong legs and feet and gave a more showy performance tonight. I felt she gave a strong challenge for the title.
4. Darlene Boetticher w/ Stephan Krauel (CA). Darlene has a great look on the floor. I think she needs to project up and out more to really challenge for the top positions.
5. Rebecca Kirby w/ John Abrams (WI). Rebecca gave a big production tonight. I felt she danced a better final than semifinal.
6. Sue Schiefelbein w/ Lewis Suarez (CA). I really like this lady. She has great expression and is full of potential. I would have placed her higher today.
7. Beverly Marsh w/ John Moldthan (FL). Beverly always looks to be really ?dancing? and enjoying herself. She has nice legs and feet but rotational movements often seem restricted.

Open Standard ?A2? Scholarship
1. Ruthie Perkins w/ Ben Ermis (TN). Another win for Ruthie (a total of three) and always she looked confident and sure. I feel her top line is too extended all the time, leaving little room for expansion. Still, a worthy win today.
2. Jamie Fellner w/ Francesco Flumiani (NY). Jamie gave a neat performance with an especially good Tango. I feel she could use a bit more power from the knees and ankles.
3. Lolita Ang w/ Rauno Ilo (IN). Lolita danced a very good final round. I think she could keep her center up to her partner more of the time.
4. Jian Xie w/ Bill Milner (CA). Jian also danced a good final round. I feel she does not shape fully into her partner?s right arm causing her left shoulder to be lifted too high.
5. Sue Gershowitz w/ Alex Rubin (MD). I really like Sue?s dancing, she really seems to feel each dance. I would have placed her higher today.
6. Sophia Lo w/ Igor Litvinov (NJ). Sophia is a very accurate dancer who now needs to ?extend? and show off more.