Open Professional International Latin

Wolfgang Opitz
Jun 30, 2003

Above photo of Andrei Gavriline & Elena Kryuchkova courtesy of Park West Photography

First: Andrei Gavriline & Elena Kryuchkova, NJ. 1,1,1,1,1. (My placements 3,2,4,2,3). Andrei & Elena showed a very good performance of their balance and speed, but that for me is not enough. They did not catch my eye as a couple. They have all the potential and talent, but must work on the Latin characterization and synchronization. They have a future. Their best dance was Samba.

Second: Maxim Kojevnikov & Eulia Zagorouitchenko, NJ 2,2,2,3,2. (My placements 1,3,1,4,2) What talent! This couple will have a great future because they have already found their style. Eulia was the best girl on the floor. She always looked outstanding. Well done! I like it! Best dances were Cha and Rumba.

Third: Paul Richardson & Milana Pliner, TX 3,3,3,2,3. (My placements 2,1,2,1,1). Their best round was the final. They have improved a lot lately. For me they were challengers for the title this time. Paul presented Milana much better than I have seen before. Their best dance was Paso Doble with good body expression and atmosphere.

Fourth: Delyan Terziev & Boriana Deltcheva, NY 4,4,4,4,4. (My placements 6,5,6,6,5). For me this couple is overrated. I placed them last in the final. They try, especially Delyan, to put on a show, which has no taste and is too much. I could not see the "know how" that shows they know what Latin means. By improving their technique and their understanding of the rhythms, they could develop in the future, but they need to change their presentation.

Fifth: Jonathan Roberts & Anna Trebunskaya, CA 5,5,5,5,5. (My placements 4,4,3,3,4). This young couple is full of harmony. They look very clean. I like that the differences of the dances are understood. Anna is outstanding in her balance and technique in conjunction with her feelings. On the physical side, they must work on their stamina. They could have finished higher. Very good Rumba!

Sixth: Ilya Ifraimov & Nadia Goulina, NJ 6,6,6,6,6. (My placements 5,6,5,5,6). Ilya & Nadia are well matched and were good finalists. They need more presentation and partnering to get more charisma. I like the feminine style of Nadia. Their best dance was Paso Doble.

Wolfgang Opitz is a former World Professional Latin Champion.