U.S. National Professional Rising Star International Latin

Wendy Johnson
Jun 30, 2003

Article reprinted with permission from Dance Beat Magazine

From an entry of seventeen couples, this competition went to a semifinal of 12 couples.

Couples that caught my eye were Billy King & Alicia Duhon - a very new partnership with some clean competent dancing; I hope they continue together, they didn't make the twelve, but definitely could have. Vladimir Kosoven & Maryana Kudovsky - a very attractive and confident couple, this was a great night for them, they improve with every performance. Tomas Lewandowski & Isabela Olszewska - an exciting couple with lots of energy who would have made my final. Phillip Gott & Olga Ginsberg - very improved with very good jive.

The final was as follows:

6th. Plamen Danailov & Tina Gerova - how excited they were to make this final! I have been a fan of Plamen's for some time and tonight they both danced with inspiration.

5th. Lyubomir Asenov & Davina Jeleva - a fabulous looking couple, I loved both their outfits. From the first round I felt they would be in the top three, but they seemed to get a little untidy in the final and dropped in their placing.

4th. Ilya Ifraimov & Nadia Goulina - such a tall, striking, elegant couple! They danced consistently throughout the competition to earn their fourth place.

3rd. Eddie Stutts & Viktoria Belova. Tonight, Eddie & Viktoria danced well from the start to the finish. I loved their outfits and was happy to see how consistently they were dancing and how much "fire" they put into their performance.

2nd. Jonathan Roberts & Anna Trebunskaya - another attractive, talented couple who could have challenged more than they did this night. Anna was beautiful, but I felt Jonathan was not as slick as I had seen him one week earlier in Canada. When they are both "on" they produce a very consistent, expressive performance.

1st. Maxim Kojevnikov & Eulia Zagorouitchenko. What an extraordinary girl Eulia is! She is beautiful and has great feet, great body and personality. She is one of the most consistent dancers I have ever seen. Maxim is also an accomplished dancer and partners Euila well, but he needs to develop a stronger presence on the floor - quite a task next to a girl as talented as Eulia. Their future together will be exciting to watch.

It was a great competition and congratulations are due everyone.

Wendy Johnson is a former New Zealand Champion and a well-known choreographer of dance shows. She is a co-organizer of the South West Regional and Holiday Classic Championships.