A Pro/Am Perspective

Whitney Brown
Jun 25, 2000
As I sat on the airplane bound for LA and the Emerald Star Ball, I couldn't help but think about last year's 10th Anniversary ESB and how extraordinary it had been. What a tough act to follow, even for Wayne and Donna the consummate organizers. Well, They Did It !!! The 2000 Emerald Star Ball was better than ever!

I always seem to find myself standing back and watching in awe as Wayne and Donna bring together hundreds of people (over 7000 entries this year) from all over the world and somehow manage to make a huge ballroom, filled with competitors and spectators feel warm and inviting! There is such a strong undercurrent of warmth and support that emanates from Wayne and Donna that it "infects" all who participate in this wonderful competition!

A gorgeous venue (with a ballroom one usually only finds in dreams), nightly dinner banquets of delicious meals served in a secluded banquet room with a dance floor and a live band for dancing (amazing that everyone still has the energy to dance), and topnotch competition in all categories at all levels! Wayne and Donna continued the unique, and very appreciated, photo album in place of the usual participation trophy complete with complimentary photos taken throughout the competition. Complimentary coffee was available in the ballroom on Saturday and Sunday and helped keep every one going - especially the Judges, MCs, Scrutineers, and 'Music Men' as 6000 entries were danced over the weekend! The Showcase of Champions on Sunday night following the competition is the perfect end to an exciting, fun-filled 4 days. What more could you ask for?

Thank you Wayne and Donna for your hard work and hospitality! It is greatly appreciated by all. I will certainly continue to tell all who will listen - "If you only do one competition a year, make it the Emerald Star Ball!"

See you in May 2001,

Whitney Brown