Brian Puttock Memorial

The Emerald Ball
Mar 15, 2018
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The Emerald Ball is an annual Dancesport competition. This year it is held in sunny Los Angeles, California, May 1st-6th.

Brian was born in Slough, England on March 9, 1951.

He was an avid soccer player in his young days but decided to give Ballroom dancing a try! He teamed up with Sue as dance partners in 1965, they were age 14 at the time, and competed very successfully in the junior ranks, until they became amateur competitors at age 16. Having competed very successfully in the U.K. and winning the British Youth Championships in Blackpool, they decided to emigrate to the U.S. in 1980, and had a very successful career, becoming U.S. Champions for 3 years, and represented the U.S. in 3 world championships. They ran the Nevada Star Ball Championships for 27 years with partner and close friend, Hilda Lanza. Brian was also the 2nd V.P. for the NDCA for many years and received an award in January 2014.

Brian owned a Harley Davidson motor bike, which was one of the things he always said he wanted to own. He and Sue took many rides together. He also loved to play golf and be at the helm of their boat as often as possible. He and Sue loved being with family as much as possible, especially at Christmas time and vacations.

Brian and Sue travelled throughout the U.S. to coach and adjudicate competitions where Brian often officiated as Chairman of Judges. Throughout their journeys to different studios to coach, they made many close friends, therefore, wherever they went, it was like one big dancing family! Most of the wonderful people are here today, and Sue and the family are so overwhelmed with the love and support you have shown at this very sad time.

Brian will be in the family's hearts forever, he was a very caring, lovable, compassionate, funny Husband, Son, Brother, and Uncle.

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