Pro/Am Open International Latin Scholarship

Marianne Nicole
Jun 25, 2000
2000 Emerald Ball
Pro/Am Open International Latin Scholarship
Report by Marianne Nicole

This event was one of the strongest I've seen lately. Those that didn't make the final could have had another final on their own!

In 6th Place: Shalinoli Compie & Daniel Vasco
Good ability from Shalinoli, however I think they need to look more carefully at the choreography. They were busy, busy, busy. I think way too much was going on and it would be a good idea for them to rethink their choregraphy. There were times when it appeared like Daniel was throwing her from one spot to another. Too much also kept Shalinoli off balance, giving her the appearance of not having good basics. I would like to see them simplify their material, make it easier and less frantic to dance.

In 5th Place: Randi Rihal & Renee Schmitt
Randi is a very good dancer, with excellent technic. I would like to see Randi make his base smaller. This will make his body move with greater ease, especially when trying to create lines. At times his base was so wide it appeared like he was reaching from his sides, instead of dancing his sides to create the line. A smaller base line will solve this problem. I would also like to see more shaping and roundness in his Paso Doble.

In 4th Place: Sally Ogilvie & Jim Desmond
Sally is a very well rounded dancer, excelling in several styles. I would like to see Sally work at creating better shape when going into leg or body lines or when dancing open material. She has a tendency to cut herself short, not always finishing her movements. I think if Sally applied the same technique she uses so well in her American Smooth to her Latin, she will be pleasantly surprised!

In 3rd Place: Angela Morando & John Berry
Angela is doing a great job in this style! I can tell that she is new to this style, and with the right focus, will be a confident and easy Latin dancer in no time. As her understanding grows, so will the naturalness of body rhythm and the stronger usage of her legs and ankles.

In 2nd Place: Natalie Masson & Tom Hicks
Natalie needs to use a stronger body action in her Samba & Rumba. Natalie needs to work more on finishing her lines, and develop a stronger usage of her legs and feet.

In 1st Place: Lisa Norman & Eddie Ares
Lisa is a very talented girl. I would like to see her focus more on Eddie when dancing and keep her vision off the floor. Softer arms are also recommended for her in Rumba.
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