Open 'A2' Rhythm Scholarship

Didio Berrera
Jul 15, 2002
Eighteen couples took to the floor and ten were recalled for a semifinal. All of my selections were included except for Bill Myers w/ Viola Weiss from CA. I thought he was a little tight in places, but overall he had great rhythm and I felt could have made the semi.

With so many good dancers on the floor, your dancing had to be impeccable each time - there was no room for "sympathy" marks in this event! However, my six selections for the final were all actually included. Here is the results and my opinions from the sidelines.

6th place: Beverly Marsh w/ John Moldthan (FL) 5,6,6,6,6. This lady's biggest problem, in my opinion, is her lack of consistency. At one moment she looks great, at another tired or confused. I had to agree with the judges today on this placement. Her best judges were Glenis Dee and Sue Puttock.

5th place: Donna Boyd w/ Mazem Hamza (DE) 6,5,5,4,4. I was not in agreement with this placcement. I agreed with judges Hilda Lanza and Michele Mason who awarded her a number of thirds and seconds. I was quite taken with her musical interpretation and impact.

4th place: Debra Altizio & Lucas Jaime (NY) 3,3,4,5,5. I have always admired this lady's dancing. Watching her today, I felt the problem might be that the choreography does not suit her well. I also felt she needed more power throughout. So overall, I felt this was a correct placement today. Not so judge, James Donaghey who awarded her 4 firsts and a second.

3rd place: Sandi MacCarron w/ Michael Neil (FL) 4,4,3,3,3. I've seen this lady go through several phases of her dancing. In the last performance I saw, I found her brilliant. Her shoulder line was under control and her performance was tight and sharp. Today, I did not feel that she was so much on form, her confidence level seemed low and the sharpness I saw before was missing. Consequently, I would not have placed her this highly. Her best judge today was Hilda Lanza who placed her second in all dances.

2nd place: Rebecca Kirby w/ John Abrams (WI) 2,2,2,2,2. I loved this lady's presence and stature on the floor. Unfortunately, I felt her rhythmical and isolation skills were a little lacking and so I also would have awarded her second spot overall. Her best judge was Hilda Lanza, who awarded her first place in all dances.

1st place: Mary Sue Schwartz w/ John Berry (AZ) 1,1,1,1,1. In tonight's performance, this lady had all the ingredients to make her the winner. What a powerball!