Open Amateur Standard

Martin Lamb
Jul 15, 2002
1. Gherman Mustuc & Andrea Hale. This couple performed like champions from the moment they walked on to the floor. With maturity they created excellent movement in every dance. They showed good ability in creating impact and control overall creating a dominant and dynamic performance.

2. Arturas Narbutas & Iveta Lukosuite - another positive looking couple. They danced well throughout, but need to be aware of one another and maintain the frame more consistently. Tonight they produced a strong, slick tango. The quickstep became a little heavy and Viennese Waltz was slightly too quick.

3. Anton Domansky & Erica Ridgeway. They had a great battle with the second placed couple tonight. Their Viennese Waltz let them down as it had too much sway on reverse turns resulting in broken shapes and movement. Again, they were another couple who produced good energy and stillness in tango.

4. Alexander Fung & Liene Apale. Liene produced good shape and posture all night and was a great foil for Alexander's use of strength and control of movement. Just be careful of sitting in your lowering action, Liene! Good dancing overall.

5. Max & Lesya Sinitsa. They had good bursts of energy and dynamic dancing. They need to finish movements and control their balance over the standing foot. They show good prospects for the future if they can understand their centers more.

6. Jason Turner & Lila Lee. Their final was the better round tonight, but overall they need to work on quality of movement, not the quantity in their routines. Their best dance in the final was the quickstep which produced lots of energy and speed. Control is needed to climb the ladder of success.

Overall, this was a great competition with many good prospects for the future of American dancing. Congratulations to all couples!

Martin Lamb is a former World Professional 10-Dance Champion and British Amateur Latin Champion. He now lives and works in the New York City area.