Open Pro-Am Standard Scholarship

K. Todd
Jun 15, 2001
The semifinal of this event was very closely fought and I was not surprised that the judges returned seven couple for the final. Unlucky not to make the cut was Anna Chee w/ Stephan Krauel (CA).

The final also proved to be a tough battle. First and second was a fight between Angela King w/ Eddie Stutts (TX) and Jeremy Ng w/ Maria Hansen (CA). The results went to Angela 1,1,1,1,3 although overall I preferred Jeremy because of his power and energy. He must watch a tendency to look frantic, however. His placements were 2,2,2,2,1. Angela has a nice, serene look but can lose connection through her center and fall out of alignment with her partner.

Third, placing 3,3,3,3,2, was Sara Silverman w/ Oleg Suvorov (CA). This is a very talented young lady who was certainly always in the mix. Generally there are some footwork errors and a tendency not to use her feet to power and support her weight.

Sue Gershowitz w/ Alex Rubin (MD) were fourth with placements of 4,4,4,4,4.5. This lady has improved dramatically. I particularly enjoyed her presentation and expression and generally, I felt she deserved this placement.

Placing fifth were Christine Wallace w/ Daniel Radler (MA) 5,6,5,5,4.5. While demonstrating plenty of power, I felt this lady at times looked a little flustered. Her top line and connection suffered on these occasions.

Sixth, and very unlucky in my opinion, was San-San Sheu w/ Alan Dixon (CA) 7,7,6,6,6. This lady can appear a little "busy" through the top, but I felt that she had plenty of power and moved more consistently than most of the other finalists.

Taking that seventh place was Betsy Tinney w/ Peter Mant (WA) 6,5,7,7,7. While showing signs of great feeling and interpretation, inconsistent footwork and topline prevented a higher placement in my view.

Open Senior Pro-Am Standard Scholarship
1. Shizuko Tatsumi / Stuart Cole (CA) 1,1,1.
2. Anne Wallace w/ Rick Elliott (FL) 2,2,2.
3. Gilliam Palmer w/ Gleb Makarov (NJ) 3,4,3.
4. Joy Lehtola w/ Billy King (TX) 4,3,6.
5. Jim Mitchell w/ Maria Hansen (CA) 5,5,5.
6. Janita Ivy w/ Forrest Vance (AZ) 6,6,4.

Closed Bronze Pro-Am Standard Scholarship
1. Deirdre Lisette w/ Daniel Radler (MA) 2,1,2
2. Valerie Bennett w/ Vitaliy Logishev (DE)
3. Larua Greer w/ Danny Pugh (TN) 1,4,3.
4. Kayo Morimura w/ Stephan Krauel (CA)
5. Sandy Fortier w/ Robert Kubis (MI) 6,5,5.
6. Monica Yoon w/ Alex Muradasilov (CA)

Closed Silver Pro-Am Standard Scholarship
1. Annie Roy w/ Stuart Cole (CA) 3,1,2,1.
2. Pam Butler w/ Jonathan Roberts (C=)`
3. Quinn Frederickson w/ Victor Veyraseet
(CA) 1,4,3,4.
4. Betty Waldron w/ Bill Milner (CA) 5,2,1,5.
5. Valerie Bennett w/ Vitaliy Logishev (DE)
6. Deirdre Lisette w/ Daniel Radler (MA)

Open Pro-Am Rhythm
1. Anita Ginther w/ John Abrams (WI) 1,2,1,1,1. A fast and slick performance. I would like to see this lady settle into her his more for better stability.

2. Anna Potter w/ Robert Foster (MN) 3,1,3,2,2. A sexy dancer, I would like to see more speed on turns.

3. Courtney Chan w/ Jorge Morales (GA) 2,4,2,3,4. For me this was the best lady in the final - fast, accurate dancing.

4. Moj Farhangian w/ Tony Delgado (NV) 6,3,4,4,3. Soft and expressive, I would like to see more focus and speed.

5. Sheila Peach w/ Richard Croteau (CA) 4,5,5,5,7. Much improved in this style. Action can appear a little light.

6. Karen Prager w/ Alex Lazo (FL) 5,6,7,7,5. Great fundamentals but a little hard through the top.

7. Beverly Marsh w/ John Moldthan (FL) 7,7,6,6,6. A great "natural" dancer but needs to finish all actions and lines.

Senior Open Pro-Am Rhythm Scholarship
1. Joan Udes w/ Dan Rutherford (IN) 1,1,1 - Easy winner. A relaxed performer with a nice open top. Would like to see more isolation on turns.

2. Margaret Lewis w/ Stephen Knight (WI) 2,2,2. A lively performance, good facial expressions. Would like to see more movement in back.

3. Janita Ivy w/ Forrest Vance (AZ) 3,3,3. Good presentation. Would like to see a deeper action and more definitive legs.

4. Darlene Butts w/ Stephan Cornwell (AZ) 4,4,6. A nice, elegant performer. I would like to see more relaxation and expression.

5. Fushi Ling w/ Richard Croteau (CA) 6,5,4. A well deserved placement for a good overall performance.

6. Estelle Finkel w/ Herb Vazquez (FL) 5,6,5. Good energy and enthusiasm, but a little disorganized.

Closed Bronze Pro-Am Rhythm Scholarship
1. Deirdre Lisette w/ Daniel Radler (MA)
2. Karen Niccolai w/ Esteban Cardenas (TX)
3. Judy Doerr w/ Mando Rodriguez (TX)
4. Deanne Bruhn w/ John Lopez (CA) 1,6,6,3.
5. Andria Radmacher w/ Kris Suakjian (CA)
6. Susan Femiani w/ Michael Bickley (AZ)

Closed Silver Pro-Am Rhythm Scholarship
1. Beverly Marsh w/ John Moldthan (FL)
2. Janet Vaughan w/ Fonzie Zapata (TX)
3. Michael Close w/ Melissa Rivas (CA)
4. Alice Gosfield w/ Scott Lazarov (PA)
5. Deirdre Lisette w/ Daniel Radler (MA)
6. Serena Healey w/ Jeffrey Garza (CA)