Emerald edges over 10,000 entries

Dance Beat Magazine
May 08, 2001
"A Real Hectic Week!" Wayne Eng, Organizer Emerald Ball

Total entries reached 10,015 at this month's Emerald Ball in Los Angeles. After cancellations this number dropped to 9,500, but the organizers had wisely not accepted a further 500 late entries. This certainly seals the Emerald's place as the second largest competition in the USA, following only the Ohio Star Ball. At the height of the competition, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, incredibly, 3,000 entries were danced each day. That's the equivalent of running an average three day competition every day!

Wayne & Donna Eng, the organizers have pledged to add and extra day next year to eliminate the early starts (7:00 AM on Saturday) and late finishes and give the event a more relaxed tone. The competition ran on time, for all its size, even if those times were rather late (or early).

The competitions, pro-am, amateur and professional were terrific. This year for the first time the U.S. National Rising Star Competitions were held here as well s the U.S. National Showdance Titles. The winners were:
RS Latin - Ilia & Lilia Borovskiy
RS Rhythm - Gleb & Tatyana Makarov (NY)
RS Smooth - David Weiss & Valentina (CA)
Classic Showdance - Jonathan Wilkins & Katusha Demidova (NY)
S. American Showdance - Gary & Diana McDonald (NJ)

The first two couples in the showdance divisions will represent the USA in the World Showdance Championships. The runners-up were: Michael Mead & Toni Redpath (Classic) and James & Jaana Kunitz (S. American).