Open American Smooth A Scholarship At The Emerald Ball

Michael Mead
May 14, 2010
6th Place ? Radomir Pashev & Jennifer Juergens: Nice choreography and confident extension with good feeling shown. A little square in the body and tends to come out of the legs a bit in the Viennese.

5th Place ? Max Sinitsa & Talia Kogan: A nice mover across the floor with a very free and fluid shape creation. Can go into distortion at times and would look more confident if the eyes were kept up more.

4th Place ? Jim Maranto & Lauren Klaus: A beautiful girl with good movement and poise and great extension. Can distort head position on occasion and could use angled spine for an even stronger presentation.

3rd Place ? Marcin Tomaszewski & Briana Haft: A lovely dancer with beautifully soft arms and powerful movement in the Waltz, good sharpness in the Tango but lost the integrity of the frame on occasion.

2nd Place ? Ian Folker & Aja Goldstein: Very pretty dancer. A little tight in the back and could dance more through her sides but a very nice performance.

1st Place ? Ben Ermis & Pamela Bolling: I like the softer makeup and wearing a great dress. An excellent performance with full shapes and confident action. Could swing more from the hips to get even more powerful movement across the floor.

Michael Mead is a Coach, Judge and 4 Time US National Smooth Champion.