Professional Rising Star Smooth At The Emerald Ball

Scott Anderson
May 14, 2010
1st Place ? Kris Suakjian & Melaina Larson: Very clean, confident and poised couple utilizing the entire dance floor (which some couples should take note of). Impeccable grooming and a pleasure to watch.

2nd Place ? Dennis Woods & Selena Morano: Powerful couple with long, extended lines and great dynamics of speed and softness. Sometimes Dennis appears slightly back weighted from an overarched back ? Fix this and the sky?s the limit!

3rd Place ? David Schulz & Natalie Wakefield: A fabulous looking couple well matched in stature. Both are very expressive with each other as well as the audience which I like. Continue to develop movement and shaping, as well as stronger use of feet and ankles.

4th Place ? Nikolay Kralev & Gergana Siavova: This couple I didn?t see well until the Final. The more I watched them, the more potential I saw. I think they dance too much on the edge of the floor ? move to the center and show off the great lines and shapes you?re capable of!

5th Place ? Jason Rivers & Shanna Timms: This couple, to me, was most improved from the last time I saw them dance. Actually, in the Quarter and Semi Finals they projected great confidence and drew me into their performance. They lost some energy in the Final, but keep up what you are doing!!

6th Place ? Chris Germain & Simona Polmova: This couple was dancing with much confidence and much better technique. Swing and sway dances seemed a bit flat, so analyze the characteristics of each dance more. Work on Waltz and make it great!! This couple has all the passion and ability to move up quickly.

Two couples that didn?t make the Final that stood out to me were Nathan Simler and Lecie McNees ? they have a strong, confident performance. Develop more dynamics of levels and shapes ? they are a strong nine-dance couple. Also, Donovan Dominguez and Carolyn Malak ? This is a very striking couple ? another strong nine-dance team. I really like their energy and passion. They need to improve on leg action and shaping in the swing dances. I love their foxtrot!

Overall, I would like to see many of the couples use the whole floor ? working in and out of the center. They will be noticed easier and floor craft issues would be lessened if they stay off the edges. Also, you don?t always have to look ?angry? in the Tango!! Practice your basics!!

I want to thank Donna and Wayne for inviting me judge this event. I have been to many events in my 27 years of competing and judging. This event is one to ?mark on your calendar!? Every detail is covered ? it is a large and competitive event, and everyone was having fun and felt welcome!

Scott Anderson is a Coach, Judge and Organizer of the Twin Cities Open.