Professional Rising Star Rhythm At The Emerald Ball

Stephen Knight
May 14, 2010
6th Place - Dan Schuyler and Kim Schneider: This was their first time making the final at the Emerald Ball and I could tell they were very excited. Dan needs to be aware of his core to allow a better line in the body while Kim needs to soften some of her movements for a more feminine look at times. All in all I feel they have a good future with the right work habits.

5th Place - Donovan Dominguez and Carolyn Malak: This couple caught my eye for the first time tonight in a long time, their dynamics are better and sharper, and I just feel they need a stronger awareness of each other especially in the Rumba and Bolero.

4th Place - Nikolay Karchev and Robyn Zmudzinski: This couple I really feel are heading in the right direction as far as improvement goes. Both Nikolay and Robyn I feel are showing some true American Style, however they did have some issues with some of their tricks and I feel with some stronger bases this could be corrected.

3rd Place - Dimitrios Damalas and Maria Damalas: Good night for these two, both of them seemed very on tonight showing some of the best emotion, although some of their Choreography is not necessary because they can be great dancers without some of the tricks that look too physical.

2nd Place - Aaron Desoto and Jaana Lillemagi: Aaron and Jaana tonight I felt had some great moments and then at times fell a little short to what I?m used to from them however in this final I felt they were the most consistent. I do feel that could be improved with them concentrating on being a little more grounded.

1st Place - Aleksandar Nashev and Britney Bartler: This couple is well rehearsed and very quick however when it comes to American Style they both have to get away from the straight legs, him more than her. The improvement I did see was their emotion and awareness of each other, that is getting better.

Congratulations to all the couples on a fine job this evening and remember it?s all about the work habits that win out at the end of the day

Stephen Knight is a Coach, Judge, the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Assistant National Dance Director and Fred Astaire Regional Co Owner Area Franchisor for the State of Wisconsin.